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מנזר השתקנים

Tel Aviv - Jerusalem April 6th-7th, April 23rd-24th

Many beautiful bike routes lead through Israel and cyclists can ride past green forests in the North and dry deserts in the South. Many historic, religious and archeological sites as well as the big cities off Jerusalem, Tel Aviv can be visited. Thanks to Israel’s geographic location, it is possible to connect culture and nature while enjoying pleasant temperatures and having the ultimate cycling experience.
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Recommended trails in Israel

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Multi day tour
Desert Biking
40-50 km a day of desert biking along the Israeli National Bike Trail.
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Multi day tour
Cycling the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv Route
Two days cycling from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv.
Mountain, gravel or back roads trails. A unique way to see the heart of the country. 
1/2 day tour
Cycling Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Cycling by the seashore from Tel Aviv to Jaffa and back through the city of Tel Aviv on bike lane
entrance to the Church of the Transfiguration, Mount Tabor, Galilee, Israel
Cycle through Israel's valleys 
Get to know some of Israel's historical landmarks: Mount Tavor, Mount Gilboa and Jezreel Valley. Additionally, we offer a complete local experience including lodging and breakfast at the Kibbutz.
2 days
The Gospel Trail\Jesus Trail
The Gospel Trail begins at Mt. Precipice near the largest Arab city in Israel – Nazareth. At this vantage point there is a very special view of the Jezreel Valley with its rural villages and farming settlements, Mt. Tabor, Ha-Moreh Hill, Deborah Mountain and the Gilboa.
2 days
Arad To Masada - Masada to the Dead Sea
1 or 2 days of one of the most beautiful bike trails. Can be combined with climbing to Masada and "floating" in the Dead sea.
One day tour
Cycling to the Marsaba monastery
One of the most beautiful single tracks of the Judean Desert to Marsaba Monastery. The 36 km track starts at Kidar and concludes at Almog.
Multi day tour
Cycling to Eilat
Guided / Escorted road biking through the "Giro Route". Including accommodation,  

Group Trail

The group trail is lead by a professional, certified bike guide and escorted by our logistics team. Trips can include sleeping accommadation, food,  

Self Guided

For the self trail we offer a rental bike (if needed), GPS maps, transportation to starting point and pick up at the end point.  Our logistic team will be around to assist.

Rent a Bike

We offer professional bikes for 1 day to 1 week including tandembike.
Multi day tour
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