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Jeff Rasley



Why Us:

We’re cyclists, we are passionate about this and we love to share and spread our love about off-road cycling.

We are experienced in arranging bicycle tours all over israel and abroad and have the capacity and equipment needed to provide you with the ultimate cycling experience here in Israel. We are also VERY experienced in tailoring the experience to you: Your cycling level, personal fitness and preferred vicinity that fits the season.   

Why Israel: 

Not only it is the “holy land” or “promised land” (depending on your view) but also, israel provides a large variety of scenery and terrain in a relatively short distance.

You can choose from desert plateaus and mountains to dirt roads surrounded by bushes to sea shore routes to singles in green mountains. You can also find yourself combining a few of them in a single day of riding….

Why on Bikes:

If you read up (or down) to here you probably have your own answer to this question. But, Cycling combines very joyable fitness activity connected to nature without any masks, you feel the ground, you hear the birds and you see the wild life from very close distance.

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