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Machtesh Ramon

Machtesh Ramon

Sde Boker to Zofar - along The Israel National Bicycles Trail

12-14 November 2020
Sde Boker to the Arava - Mountain Biking
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3-Day Mountain Bike Tour in the most beautiful desert of Israel
We will start by climbing from Sde Boker to Mitzepe Ramon and then down to the Arava via Machtesh Ramon
Day 1:
Single track from Sde Boker to Mitzepe Ramon
Via Ovdat, the ancient Nabatean city, Zin Stream (dry) and the beautiful  white plains of Nahal Zin.
We will be staying the night in Mitzpe Ramon.
Length: 45 KM
Elevation 300 M
Riding Level: Medium
Day 2 :
Single track from Mitzepe Ramon to Machtesh Ramon
Starting on the Machtesh cliff overlooking the whole crater and its hills. Then finding our way downhill to the bottom of the crater, enjoying its "one of a kind" scenery.
We can spend the night under the stars at the bottom of the carter or drive back to Mitzpe Ramon
Length: 40 KM
Elevation: not significant
Riding level: Medium    
Day 3:
Single track from Machtesh Ramon to the Arava
Via Nahal Nekarut down to Zofar.
This ride includes a bit of technical segments when riding Nahal Nekarut.
Length: 38 KM
Elevation: insignificant 
Riding Level: High
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This is a guided, desert biking tour that includes, a riding guide, support vehicle that get you coffee and snacks right in the middle of the trail.
3 meals + Accommodations based on shared rooms/tents in Khan's style places.
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