Cycling Through Israel Valleys

This a is 3-day “Star” type MTB tour in Israel’s Jezreel Valley.
We will set our “Base Camp” between Mt. Gilboa and Mt. Tabor, in one of the oldest Kibutzes of the area.
Day 1
Mount Gilboa Single Track
Starting from Nurit, the old Arab village we will ride along the Gilboa Scenic route but will be using mostly single tracks suitable for mountain biking. 
We will climb and go down hill, in some parts we will have to use our technical skills, we will for sure enjoy great views of the Jezreel valley to the north and Beit Shean Valley to the east. Colorful flowers and green all along the way.  
Sachne (Gan Hashlosha) and climb back to our hostel in Ein Harod.
Length 25-40 KM
Riding Level: High
Elevation: 800 m
Day 2
Givat Hamoreh
Givat Hamoreh - The other side of Harod Valley, or The eastern Jeesrael Valley.
We will start our day again from Ein Harod, and ride towards Naoura - an Arab village where we will get off road towards our trail.
Length: 30 KM
Elevation: 600 m  
Riding level: Medium
Day 3
Tabor Stream / Mt. Tabor
Starting in En Harod, riding north towards Moledet and Sirin Heights, Belvoir  and then down to Tabor Stream.
Along the stream towards Mt. Tabor and back to En Harod from Gazit.
Length: 40 KM
Elevation: 300 M
Riding Level: Medium
3 Valleys in 3 Days - Road Cycling tour
This a is 3-day “Star” type Road Biking tour in Israel’s Jezreel, Beit Shean and the Jordan  Valley.
We will set our “Base Camp” between Mt. Gilboa and Mt. Tabor, in one of the oldest Kibutzes of the area.
Day 1
Gilboa Scenic Route
From Ein Harod to Nurit - down from Ein Harod to the Valley, then climbing up to MT Gilboa.
From Nurit on the Gilboa Scenic Route along the Mountain all the way to the east to Maale Gilboa.
Downhill to Beit Shean Valley and Back To Ein Harod
Length: 60 KM
Riding level: Medium
Elevation: 800m
Day 2
Tabor Mountain, Sea of Galilee, Beit Shean
From Ein Harod we will ride North and west through Tamra and Arab e’l Shibly uphill towards the top Of Tabor mountain,  we may visit the Monastery there.
Downhill, through Tabor village, and Kfar Kama - a Cherkessian village down to The Sea of Galilee.
After a refreshing stop we will continue riding through the jordan Valley towards Beit Shean and Back to Ein Harod
Length: 65KM
Elevation: 450
Riding Level: Medium
Day 3
Nazareth and Zipori
From Ein Harod we will ride towards Afula, climb to Nazareth - lunch break may be in one of the best Hummus shops and continue via the old city to the other side towards Zipori.
From Zipori to Golani Junction and back to Ein Harod, passing by MT. Tabor from yesterday.
Length: 65 KM
Riding Level Medium
Elevation: 550
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