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Road Biking to Eilat

Road Biking to Eilat

Road Biking Arad to Eilat

Arad to Eilat - All-Inclusive Guided Road Cycling Tour
New departure will be announced shortly - Stay tuned!
3-Day Road Biking Tour in the most beautiful desert of Israel.
Accommodation Included Along the route, luggage and all other logistics is taken cared of - Ride, Eat, Sleep and Enjoy - we will do the rest!
DAY 1:
Arad to Sde-Boker
Starting point in Arad at 10 am
We will start descending towards the Dead Sea, Midway down we will turn South towards Dimona / Haarava junction and then to HaMakhtesh HaGadol (Hatira Crater) national nature park.
A must coffee break will be held, overlooking the Colored Sands of the Maktesh. 
Energized with the views (and the coffee) we will climb (steeply) towards Yeruham, another look at the Makhtesh and off we go to Yeruham and then Sde-Boker.
We will spend the night in Sde-Boker, where Israel's first prime-minister, David Ben Gurion spent the latter part of his live. A must visit to Ben-Gurion grave overlooking the white cliffs of Zin.
Total distance: 53 Miles
Accumulative Elevation: 3,350 feet.
DAY 2:
Sde-Boker to Neot Semadar 
Starting in Sde-boker, utilizin the morning freshness to climb towards Mitzpe Ramon, over looking the White Cliffs of Zin. 
In Mitzpe Ramon we will stop for a Coffee break, enjoying the magnificent views of 
Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater) - one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in Israel.
Then ride down to the bottom of the Makhtesh a steep and curvy downwards riding. Then we will ride inside the Makhtesh actually feeling and touching the magnificent and so unique landscape. Climbing out the crater on the other side, through Tsihor junction to Neot Semadar, We will spend the night in this unique echo friendly community settlement. 
Total Distance: 75 miles
Accumulative Elevation: 4,398 feet
DAY 3:
Neot Semadar to Eilat
A relatively short ride, in the Negev Heights and then Eilat mountains, elevating and descending. Starting high and finishing low on the Red Sea shore in Eilat. 
The Eilat mountains area is full with breathtaking views and another unique, colorful landscapes.  
The water temperature of the red sea is relatively nice, cool in the summer (not more than 28 Celsius) and warm in the winter (no less than 22 Celsius), a swim is highly recommended!
Eilat is our final destination for this tour. We can happily help you arrange transportation out from Eilat or book a hotel for another night or two.
Total Distance: 45 miles 
Accumulative Elevation: 3,118 feet 
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