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Group trail

Guided - we will ride with you

Show you the way and select the best possible route or single available, we will make sure you are not missing any POI along your route and will select the best stops for a refreshing break during the ride.

All logistics is provided by us as well, tailor made to your preferences and special requirements.

Self trail

Escorted - we will provide you with all logistics, you will navigate and ride yourself.

You will have to find your way on your own, navigation is part of the fun.

Logistics is on us, we will drop you off at your starting point, and pick you up at the end of the route. We can even meet you along the way with some refreshments and other things.

We will be around in case you need anything, from replacement parts to first aid and full bicycle replacement - so you are safe and not missing anything.

Rent a bike

We offer professional bicycles for rent, from a few hours to a few days including tandem bikes
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