Cycle through Israel's valleys

Week Days by reservation


Mount Tabor

Cycle through Israel's valleys

Get to know some of Israel's historical landmarks: Mount Tabor, Mount Gilboa and Jezreel Valley. Additionally, we offer a complete local experience including lodging and breakfast at the Kibbutz

זמן ומקום

Week Days by reservation

Mount Tabor, Mount Tabor

פרטים נוספים

This is a 2-4 days star-shape tour, lodging at a kibbutz lodging facility located between Mt. Tabor and Mt. Gilboa.

Each day we will ride one of the area’s bike routes, combining countryside paved roads, single trails and dirt roads.

We will choose the ones that fit the level of the riders. Daily rides are between 30-60 km with elevation levels that can also be adjusted.

Enjoying great views of the valleys: Eastern Jezreel valley from Mount Gilboa, lower galilee from Mount Tabor and tones of birds around the fish ponds.

Visiting and talking to to locals from Arab Villages can be arrange

Tour can be guided , but also, based on the star-shape nature, can be just escorted, with logistics support.

You can rent bikes from us, including electric supported bikes. Or bring your own.

Accommodation level varies as well as dining options.

Contact us today to discuss the details.